Motor Racing

Motor racing fans have a number of disciplines to choose from to enjoy the action. This includes both two and four-wheel vehicles, with some of the most popular options including the following.

Kart Racing

A checkered flag blowing in the wind at the end of a motor race.This is a starting point for many that get involved with motor sports and kids from the ages of eight and up can get involved. It involves smaller go-karts racing around a paved track and is an excellent way for amateurs to try their hand at racing. There are also organized events and race series for those that want to get involved at a more competitive level.

Motorcycle Racing

The skill and speed of motorcycle racing is demonstrated by riders that take part in road and track racing. Two of the best known sports are Motorcycle Grand Prix, which is run on a paved circuit, and Speedway, which takes place on an oval dirt track. Other motorcycle disciplines include Motocross, where competitors race around an off-road circuit.

Car Racing

There are a number of categories in auto-racing for fans to watch. A couple of the most popular sports are Formula Racing, with Formula 1 being one of the most famous example of this, and Stock Car Racing, which includes NASCAR races such as the Daytona 500. These are both run on paved circuits although stock cars vaguely resemble standard street-legal cars while Formula Racing features single-seat vehicles. Other categories of car racing include rallying, in which drivers race individually from point-to-point on closed public roads or private roads

Drag Racing

Both two and four-wheel vehicles take part in Drag Racing. This is straight-line sport based on speed in which the aim is for a driver to beat his opponent as they race against each other in parallel lanes. It is typically run over a quarter-mile distance and vehicles can reach speeds of over 300 mph.

Motor racing offers some exciting sports for fans so take your pick and enjoy the speed.